29 Apr 2016

Matilda - ∆ (Alt-J)

Matilda - ∆
I'm going on with the "posting songs that I just got on my mind I-don't-know-why" blogs, and today there's a big, big one for you. I mean, it's a big, big one for me so it's a big deal sharing it with you here. As I might have told you already, ∆ are a band I found out thanks to my friend B. and they are probably my most relevant and impactful music library addition of the past few years. They also hold a sentimental value, but I won't talk about that here. Matilda is the first song of theirs I fell for and, even maybe it's not in my super top favourites anymore, I can't help being stunned and amazed every time I listen to it. I know you will too.

"This is from Matilda"

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