20 Apr 2016

New americana - Halsey

New Americana - Halsey
Being ranked as one of the worst performers of the first Coachella weekend by the most renowned blogs, maybe Halsey is not at her best moment in terms of popularity, but I can't deny I am quite liking getting to know her music, and this is one of my favourites so far! Today I spent the day going to Luino, a (not that) small town on the lake up close to the Swiss border, as one of my best friends has just finished working there. My father used to work there and my uncle's family lives there, so I have a few links with it but never really got the chance/willingness to go there as far as my adult mind can remember. I spent a very nice day, with the bluest spring sky you can think of and in good company, and it's nice to get to know better the area around my hometown before leaving once again!

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