14 Feb 2016

#sundayrevival Harder you get - Scissor Sisters

"I got some apples, if you want them you can grab them!"

Harder you get - Scissor Sisters
After going to bed very late, waking up and going to my grandparents' for lunch, I am now spending this rainy and cold Sunday known as Valentine's day at home, my mother reading on the couch and me just not knowing what to do, some good (Junip) music playing in the background, wondering whether to go to bed and sleep some, study some Japanese, watch some anime or else. In my mind I need to get something cheerful, a bit naughty and funny to get through the day, and given that I needed to find a good song for this post, I went back to my dear Scissters, who I've been listening to a bit this past week. This song in particular always makes me smile, so it might just be what I need today. Maybe it can help you cheer up too, should you be in need!

"Hell is my heaven, a loaded weapon. Don't point that thing at me unless you plan to shoot!"

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