8 Feb 2016

#sundayrevival I'm no angel - Dido

I'm no angel - Dido
In the last couple of days life has hit back on me, I already knew that 2016 had started too well and that karma was about to hit back, and so it did. Thanks goodness I booked my tickets to Japan, which helped me feel way better, as pretty much everything else is going so and so. First of all I have a few (minor but annoying) health problems, including the usual winter cold that makes you feel like a van has run over you, some pretty painful mouth lesions that make eating a nightmare, while one of them also hits me at rest and I've been living with the non-stop pain for a couple of days now... Moreover today my dear computer decided it doesn't want to boot anymore! Yeah, exactly. Right now. After I've been praising it for days and after I ordered on Amazon a bigger RAM and a new battery. Oh yeah, that's the freaking right time! I've been struggling for the whole day and I still haven't been able to solve the problem, guess I'm gonna have to take it to some Apple centre. To write the blog I dug out my old Sony Vaio from my wardrobe and I'm trying to live with it, hoping that at least this one is going to keep it up for a little more!
Getting to the music, it's (been) Sunday so it's time for a sundayrevival! I had another Dido song on my mind, but I realised I had posted it already, so I chose this one instead. 'I'm no angel' has never been one of my favourites on this album that I've been listening to since I was a child, but lately it has outgrown many other songs on the album and, well... I must revise my judgement and say that it has indeed entered the pool of my favourite Dido songs! I'm sure you're gonna take a liking for it too, if you give it time! I hope your week  (and mine too) is gonna start better than the way I am ending this one. Cheers!

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