21 Feb 2016

#sundayrevival Jubilee - Patti Smith

Jubilee - Patti Smith
Not that I care too much about it, but this year is a Jubilee year! They haven't been talking about it that much, not that I heard of anyway, except from when it kicked off. I have actually crossed a "holy door" in the small town that is located on the mountain just above my hometown, as they have recently opened a few historical, restored frescos (they weren't open for visit during the week though). Well, all of that... is nothing I care about. At all. I am actually posting a song by an artist who became famous singing "Jesus dies for somebody's sins, but not mine"!! Anyway this song has been coming to my mind quite often recently, I guess because I heard about the Jubilee year, and so it sounded like a good sundayrevival post!

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