11 Sep 2014

[Animal] - Hundred Waters

[Animal] - Hundred Waters
I must admit today I am kind of at a loss about the choice of a song to post... or maybe not! I am being saved by one of my latest discoveries, Hundred Waters, which I believe you have already been introduced to! I wanted to post this song close to Sia's 'Free the animal' (for obvious reasons, and also as they are close to one another in my playlist), but I ended up choosing 'Broken blue' for that other post. Well, so the time be a little more wild and "animalish" has come again! This is probably gonna be my last Hundred Waters post for a while, as I have been moving on to new music (that, to be honest, doesn't excite me as much as the last lot of albums did, at least for the time being). Or maybe not. Who knows? You just enjoy them while they're here!!

EDIT: Funny how I finished to write this post more than one hour ago and then I got a moment of inspiration and started working (again) on my thesis until now! I'm even getting lost in the middle of other activities!

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