10 Sep 2014

King and Lionheart - Of monsters and men

King and Lionheart -
Of Monsters and Men
This post has been inspired by the picture coming with it. I'm not eager of showing my face on here, but I had this moment of creativity (yeah, plenty of that while writing the thesis, it's a shame that most of them are not related to it!!) and I created this, which ended up being my most liked profile pic on Fb. Well, I confess I love it too...! The name of the lion is Lionheart, as me and my aunt got it for our home in Milan in the period while I was eagerly listening to Of Monsters and Men and, well... it kind of was supposed to happen! So after having this moment it made sense to listen back to the song (and the whole album, yeah) and, well, given that I also picked back up the harmonica, I have also looked for the tabs of some OMAM songs! I'll let you know how it goes...!

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