18 Sep 2014

Leave my body - Florence + the Machine

Leave my body -
Florence + the Machine
Hey people! Here I am again, sorry for irregular posting in these days but I'm really enjoying Sicily!! Now we're at sea and it's great, we bore an unbelievable route through the mountains to come here, all curvy and uneven, but we made it! And it's great: nobody on the beach, warm sun, warm water and great bathing in the sea, awesome! And how could I forget about the food? Sweets, fried stuff, fish, everything Sicilian is just great! I don't ever wanna come back!!
During that awful trip at least we have great music as a soundtrack! It was mainly Florence and this song was particularly heartfelt by me, being meaningful as usual and even more than usual. As being in a great place, having a great time doesn't take away the problems. It just helps a lot forgetting about them!

I don't need no husband, I don't need no wife
One grand moment is all I ask

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