30 Sep 2014

Intro - ∆ (Alt-J)

Intro - Alt-J
"Triangles are my favourite shape, three points and two lines meet..." says the song I'm listening to now... guess who wrote the lyric? Well, by answering to that you will also answer to the question asking what I have been listening to steadily yesterday and today! Need a little help? Don't think so, but anyway yes, it's them, ∆ (or Alt-J if you wish). Yesterday I listened to their brand new album, This is all yours, for the first time and I have already fallen in love. Of course I got back to their 2012 debut, An awesome wave, and interspersed songs of the two albums steadily. Given that I have already posted practically the whole of AAW here and that the other album is brand new, it makes sense to post something from TIAY, in particular the first song, which, as it was on their first album, is called Intro. The atmosphere is similar to the one created by the AAW intro, but the theme is different, not any less enjoyable anyway! I'm sure you'll fall in love soon too and, well... brace yourself because lots of ∆ is on the way!!

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