1 Oct 2014

Standing in the way of control - Gossip

Standing in the way of control -
I'll start this post like I did with many others: this is not the song I planned to post today. Even more, I was sure I had already posted this one. But I just realised I didn't. Well, no problem, I'll make it up now. The worse thing is that I haven't posted any Gossip at all yet! Well... no problem again, making it up already. I'll just tell you a little bit of my relationship with them: as many of you out there I got to know them in the Heavy cross period and I grew a liking for them, I am in love with Music for Men, the album Heavy cross is on, but I never got to like a lot their previous albums. This song was the only exception and I got exposed to it again sooner this year in the office when I was working, so it got back into my head and, given the new level of maturity of my musical tastes, I decided to give another shot at least to the Standing in the way of control album. I'm doing it now and I'm not repenting at all. Yet I still haven't found anything that moves me (literally) as much as this one. And movement is particularly good while writing the thesis, as I'm seating all day long, so some convulse dancing time is always appreciated. I'm sure you would benefit some too!

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