9 Oct 2014

Yr mangled heart - Gossip

Yr mangled heart - Gossip
I must thank Facebook for adding a feature that lets you check your pages directly on your home (nice thingy btw, thanks!), otherwise I would've probably forgot to post again. I'm very very busy with the last steps (hopefully) of the creation of my database(s) for my thesis, I say hopefully as I'm so into it that I can't stop and keep on adding data! Anyway now I'm almost done and this goal is quite ultimate, as I also really need to start working on my analysis of these data. I don't have much time to spend here, my database is waiting for me (yes, I know it's past 2.30 at night and tomorrow I need to go swimming before lunch, but I can't stop!). Today a vain trip around Milan as my interviewee ditched me, hope I'm gonna be able to reschedule! Great dinner with friends. Stop. Bye!
PS: Enjoy, great song!

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