26 Oct 2014

#90smusic Truly madly deeply - Savage Garden

Truly madly deeply - Savage Garden
Here we are with the second post of today, even if it's tomorrow already... (and we're also getting back to solar time, to add to the confusion)! Anyway, here I am! Today has been a full day too, but not nearly as full or exhausting as yesterday has been. The "good" news is that my stomach ache has quite completely gone away, while the sore throat has come in, calling for a coming flu/cold/whatever/Ihatewinter hallelujah! That was unavoidable methinks, and actually I'm been kind of jinxing it to myself in the last few days, saying that I never happened to me in recent times to get through to November without a flu/cold/whatever/Ihatewinter, and I think it's not gonna happen this year either, yay! Anyway, now I really have to focus a little bit on my thesis, which I have been pretty much neglecting today, and then off to bed. Not before posting another 1990s masterpiece though! I have been anticipating this in yesterday's post by mentioning a couple of the adjectives in the title of the song, so here it is in full glory! Enjoy!

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