12 Oct 2014

Taro - ∆ (Alt-J)

Taro [with Capa] - Alt-J
Today I feel compelled to post this one, I'm sorry I can't share one from the new album but I'm sure there is going to be plenty of time for that in the next future...! Today something happened, that is I had an experience while driving the car and listening to music that gave me chills comparable only to those that shook me a couple of times with Florence + the Machine. I was driving back home from Milan with my aunt and I put on my Alt-j playlist, starting with their first album. She seemed to be enjoying it, which I'm glad of, and I was enjoying it a lot too. Then I left her at my grandmother's and drove the last part of road alone... Soon enough Taro started and I couldn't do without singing and shaking in the car like a maniac (two times, as I had to repeat it). It's so great, as I never tend to remember about this song, back there at the end of the album after so many great tracks... sometimes it can get lost, today it was the cherry on the pie, the grand conclusion of a great piece of art. Only lately I've been fully realising just how great a song Taro is itself and I feel that today it's been the peak of my process of appreciation of it, so it feels natural to write about it here. All of this to say that most probably Alt-J are now definitely my favourite act among those debuting in the last few years, together (and still a few steps below) Florence. But those chills...

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