3 Oct 2014

Please please please - Fiona Apple

Please please please - Fiona Apple
One hour and a half ago I told myself: let's post on the blog, otherwise I'll get lost in my stuff and forget it... guess what I've been doing in the last hour and a half? Uff... this thesis is really draining the energies out of me, but seeing my dedication to it makes me feel better, as it means I enjoy working on it, at least a little. Actually I enjoyed it a lot up to now, until last night I had a moment of despair caused by the overwhelming amount of data I am collecting for my database, but in the afternoon I had the chance to speak with a ticketing manager at Live Nation Italia, so I went to their office in Milan and it felt great, I'd really love to work there! Anyway, I don't remember if I ever mention (and I don't think you will care that much anyway), but I'm writing my thesis on music, on the pricing of tickets for live music more precisely! I'm very happy I've been able to write about something I'm passionate about, and if the mark is not gonna be the best... who cares! The important thing is that I'm enjoying what I'm doing. And I'm mostly enjoying it. After all, without a few moments of despair, it wouldn't be called a thesis, would it?

"Give us something familiar, something similar to what we know already, that will keep us steady, steady... steady going nowhere"

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