6 Oct 2014

Every other freckle - ∆ (Alt-J)

Every other freckle - Alt-J
I was scared of already having posted this with a crappy fan-made video with a still picture when I remember that there were two videos for the song and I still hadn't watched them!! But luckily enough I haven't been that stupid! Anyway, here is one of my other first-listens favourites out of Alt-J's new work, a song released with two videos, one featuring a boy and one featuring a girl. I must say that overall I like the girl version better, but... well, the bot version has its perks too! The song is very weird, as it has no plain development, so I guess it's one that you get to like more the more you listen to it, and I feel I'm still in the middle of this process, as I haven't grasped it completely already, but I already love it, so there's no reason why it shouldn't be here, rather I was anxious to post it (to the point I thought it was already here)!!
Anyway, yesterday I promised to give you a couple of updates about what is going on, F1 apart, and I will do it now. I'm still in the process of writing my thesis, even if I'm not actually writing now: I am done with the literature review part and I am finishing with the empirical research part to start writing about it too, and then... voilà! I still have more than one month before deadline, so I'm not under any strong pressure now, I'm actually happy and satisfied with my current work, as I'm working on stuff that I like and care about. To the point that I finished compiling a database I've been creating and I immediately started building a new one!! Crazy me! It's the power of music!

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