26 Oct 2014

#sundayrevival #90smusic Here with me - Dido

Here with me - Dido
It's time to merge these two fabulous initiatives, i.e. posting 90s music AND posting music I have been loving for a long time! Well, and how could I have done this better than by posting the song that has been my absolute favourite for so so many years?! Dido has been with me since the late 90s, with this CD that my father had ripped on a musicassette and we listened to it from time to time in the car... then I bought Life for Rent as xmas gift for him a few years later, the first album I ever bought, and then... well Dido has been my fav singer throughout my teenage years! I have literally lived on No angel and Life for Rent, I have listened to them so many times that I lost count, but none of them as much as this. Here with me was the most listened song on the laptop computer I shared with my parents before I got my own computer for my 17th birthday, and it is now crossing the 100 plays threshold on my current iTunes too. I don't think I can describe with words my bond with this song, so I'll just play it for the 100th time again and enjoy it as I have done for a long long time!

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