19 Oct 2014

Halfway to hell - Sheppard

Halfway to hell - Sheppard
Wow, I really got confused with timing and everything, not surprising as I always post around midnight so I never get to really really post a song every day... anyway, this whole mess because there is an important moment that I really want to celebrate well, and that's the birthday of this blog! Yes, I started on October 20th last year, it seems incredible but I have been posting for almost a year now! I have never been able to keep a daily schedule for anything like that before, so I am really proud and happy, as it means I am doing something I really like and care about; plus I've had the chance to interact with so many great people during this posting time, you are growing bigger and bigger and I couldn't ask for a better audience! I really hope there will be many moments like this but first we still have to celebrate the first one, so let's not run too fast!
Thanks to my confusion I thought I only had today's post before the anniversary, but I figured I have two more, so there's going to be time for a great sundayrevival before celebrating the blog's birthday! What I have been wanting to post for a few days though is this brand new song, out of Sheppard's debut album (you will for sure know Geronimo...!), which I am liking quite a lot! It makes sense to get close to such an important date and to sing "it's a long way back when you're halfway to hell", as this blog really helped me walk an important part of this way back! Stay tuned for to....day's sundayrevival and for the blog's birthday tomorrow!!!

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