12 Oct 2014

#sundayrevival Hedonism (just because you feel good) - Skunk Anansie

Hedonism (just because you feel good)
Skunk Anansie
It's time for a new sundayrevival, after a long long time since the last one, I'll try to keep it up in the coming weeks. This time I chose a song by Skunk Anansie: I am listening to their debut album in these days, even though I still find it a little bit too rocky for my current taste, but I'm enjoying some songs on it nonetheless. Yet none of their songs are even close in terms of my liking to the one I'm posting today, out of their sophomore album, their biggest hit and one of the most famous and best hits of the 90s decade. We've been listening to this song a lot in Sicily, as one of the friends who was on the trip with me liked it a lot too and kept on putting it on repeat! It is also in my Best 20 playlist, and that's just how much I am in love with it. I don't think any further words are needed to talk about it, so just listen and enjoy!

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