22 Oct 2014

#90smusic Caribbean blue - Enya

Caribbean blue - Enya
Here we are, it's wednesday, time for the second rendez-vous of this week with music from the awesome 1990s! For tonight I have chosen one of my favourite songs by Enya. I guess this song needs no introduction either, I'll just mention that Enya is the biggest selling Irish artist (after U2) and (unfortunately) she has never been on tour... well, we will wait for this event to happen, in the meanwhile let's enjoy her on record! Caribbean blue is out of her 1991 album Shepherd Moons (a great one as a whole, listen to it if you don't know it!). The special story behind this song for me is that I dedicated it to my dear wife for St. Valentine when we were just married, back in.. what was it? 2006? Second year of high school, anyway. A life ago, but we are still together, (almost) the same group of friends! How cool is that?


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