29 Oct 2014

The Gospel of John Hurt - ∆ (Alt-J)

The Gospel of John Hurt - ∆
Archiving the first (successful) experiment of the 90s music week, let's get back to regular posting! During this convulse past week I must confess I have not been feeling the need to post anything else except what I've been posting, i.e. songs from the awesome 1990s. With one exception. This one.
I think I have already underlined more than a few times how I already love Alt-J's sophomore work, maybe not as much as their debut (there are still 3-4 songs that didn't totally convince me yet), but up to the point that is is a serious candidate for my personal album of the year. John Hurt's gospel has been one of the first tracks that struck me on the album, and well... it's the last big thing I wanna post from this album for now, waiting for its sisters to ring a bell inside me too. And, well... today I'm feeling better, no more temperature symptoms, just a bit of late phases of cold and a pretty annoying cough, feels like my chest is burning like John Hurt's too...!

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