28 Oct 2014

#90smusic The sea - Morcheeba

The sea - Morcheeba
Well, I don't know about Anastacia, but my conditions have worsened... yesterday is taking its toll and now I am utterly feverish and weak and aching and shivering... well, the regular temperature stuff. Spent the whole day in bed sleeping and resting, now I got up for a while but soon enough I'll be back methinks. Now it's all about listening to Lykke Li, getting 'depressish' and waiting for it to end... gosh, how I hate this! I hate the flu, I hate temperatures, I hate feeling weak and dazed, I hate winter and its freaky cold! I really really want to move to some place tropical to start working next year, I'm more and more convinced of this. Well, enough with complaining, let's talk a little music. I promised you the last piece of my beloved week of 90s music, and here it is. I had something else in mind to close up this week, but given the circumstances I guess that this is more appropriate: relaxing, soothing, you can feel the waves... I already feel better!

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