14 Oct 2014

Lights - Ellie Goulding

Lights - Ellie Goulding
It feels somehow weird to be posting this song now, but I knew t would've happened when I decided what to do with it. I first got to know and like this song while listening to Ellie's latest re-released album, Halcyon Days, which, I don't know why (weird marketing in my opinion, doesn't encourage people to buy her debut album at all!) contains this song too, even if it was featured on her previous album. Well, even if I soon grew a liking for it, I decided to refrain from putting it into any playlist until I got to listen to her first album. Now the time has come and here we are, the beautiful Lights is into my very very beautiful playlist called "Database" (guess why?!) and will be with me during this hard-working times. This week is gonna be tough, I have finished with the interviews and now I have to analyses to bring on in parallel, plus I have to re-read and re-organized all the literature review, loads of work! Good night!!


  1. I've been dancing like a fool to this song in the last few days at home... while seating on my armchair! :D