16 Oct 2014

Nara - ∆ (Alt-J)

Here we are... here we have arrived in Nara finally!

Nara - ∆ (Alt-J)
Yesterday has been I think the single marginally most productive day in terms of thesis writing: I wrote about 10 pages bringing the (draft) qualitative analysis part to end. It is now pending proof-reading, feedback and approval by my second tutor. Today (and partly yesterday too) I have been working to polish the rest, so that he can understand better how that part fits in the whole work. In parallel I have been working on the quantitative part today, as I "happily" found out that the regression model I should use is the only one nobody has ever taught us in university... I thus had to study it by myself, thanks goodness I found a tutorial on YouTube by a lovely lady who helped me clear my mind at all! Now, tomorrow I will have to send the quali part, so I guess I'll stop playing around with the quanti model and go on polishing the rest, so that it can be ready by tomorrow afternoon. That's it all. That's all my life is about now. Well, almost all.
I don't have to forget that there is (almost) always great music playing in the background, helping me focus my thoughts and enhancing my productivity! Lately this music has mainly consisted of ∆, which I've been listening to a lot. Makes sense, given that their new album is great. Yet I still can't get as much pleasure out of listening to it than I do listening to their debut. But my dear friend who introduced me to them told me "Give it time...!". And I am doing it. And this is the result. We have arrived in Nara.

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