8 Sep 2014

#sundayrevival This is the day - The Cranberries

This is the day - The Cranberries
Hello dear folks! Of course I must begin by apologizing again for missing another post yesterday, I've been relatively busy and especially distracted, I came back to Milan and days of travel always tend to steal away time that then makes me forget to post... I have realised lately that I have been kind of ditching my sundayrevival posts and I had a couple of songs to post, a regular one and one for sundays! It's not sunday anymore actually, at least not in this part of the world, but given that I'm posting late quite often in the last few weeks, let's make this post count for sunday and get it like it is! The song is one of my all time favs of The Crans, even if it's not usually that much loved by fans... it came to my mind between two days ago and last night as I though that chances were opening up for a big step in my life, but the day has not come yet. I'll just post this in advance for when it's really gonna be the day!

PS: Now that the post is complete and ready to be published I have a very strong feeling of dejà vu! That's quite crazy when these things happen, isn't it?

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