13 Sep 2014

Matilde odiava i gatti - Carmen Consoli

Matilde odiava i gatti -
Carmen Consoli
So... here we are! I didn't even advise you about my oncoming trip (for a reason), but the time has come! Notwithstanding all the obstacles and difficulties, we are (almost) ready to leave! I'm going to Sicily with my wife and another friend of hers (that I know too) to visit her relatives there! I mean, put like this sounds like a serious thing, but given our platonic marriage it couldn't be otherwise!! She has not been going down for a few years now and I/we will more than gladly go with her and, hopefully, enjoy a nice holiday between the mountains and the seaside! Given the beautiful days we've been having even here lately, maybe going in September has not been a bad idea at all, with this summer's crazy weather! Anyway, to start getting in the Sicilian mood I'm gonna share with you a great song by my favourite Sicilian songwriters. Lucky you, she sings in English too (you can find the English version of the song on Spotify, link here).

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