20 Sep 2015

#sundayrevival Sunday - The Cranberries

Sunday - The Cranberries
I am at a loss. After a pretty nice weekend, with all my medical exams, meeting friends, watching F1 and enjoying this last moments of hot and super pleasing sun at the end of summer, I am at a loss. I really have no idea what to post for today's sundayrevival... I have been listening to a lot of music lately, a lot of stuff I already knew but stuff that I got to know in the past few months/years, so nothing fit for this post. And out of 487 different songs I listened to in the last couple of weeks... is it possible that I can find nothing? It is. So it is. Well, that's not a big problem. I'll go dig another hole. And I think I just found my answer! Last week the Cranberries posted pictures of a big sign, quoting the title of their first album, that has been hung in their hometown (methinks), and so... why not share a great song off 'Everybody else is doing it, so why can't we?' Here it is. Sounds perfect, ain't it?

"You mystify me"

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