5 Sep 2015

The end where I begin - The Script

The end where I begin - The Script
Today has been a busy day: I woke up with a bad stomach-ache that worried me somehow and given my swinging health, I went to the hospital together my parents to get myself checked. After an efficient service, they gave me a short therapy and sent me out with a diagnosis of gastritis, a "simple" stomach infection, that should not be linked to the many fevers I've been having in the past months. So, if nothing else happens, I'll be flying to Bangkok via Abu Dhabi tomorrow! But before embarking on this one-week business trip, I want to share with you one of the songs I listened in my car while driving back home yesterday, a long-time favourite of mine (I got to know it as soundtrack of the Fifa 09 video-game and then listened to it many times again before going to The Script's concert in early 2011). I'm sure all the teenagers (and former teenagers) out there will not be indifferent to this song!

"Sometimes tears say all there is to say
Sometime your first scars don't ever fade away"

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