18 Sep 2015

Outlaws of love - Adam Lambert

Outlaws of love - Adam Lambert
What better song to share after a journey like this?! Let me tell you the story of my drive back home tonite after work, I haven't been laughing so hard for ages! I was travelling back home, one day in advance with respect to the usual schedule because I have some medical exams here tomorrow (of course), and as usual I uploaded my travel on Blablacar, the platform that allows you to share your car trips with other people. Today I had 2 girls contacting me, a single one and another one travelling with a friend; this latter one had kind of a "bitchy" picture, with a duck face and everything, but so many girls have it nowadays..! Well, when I get to the station, out meeting point, here I see those two girls, dressed up like hookers, belly out, piercings, platinum hair, cigarette, hard make-up... I say to myself "ooook!" and get them on, together with the other girl. When I asked them what they do for a living, they asked "hostess at events, modelling..." and then start talking on the phone with people, saying one of them tomorrow is at dinner with the surgeon and the other with someone else, and then one says that man are all the same, they are bad people but oh, how she loves c*ck! And then they wanted me to leave them at the highway barrier, even asked if they could walk through it on feet! I took them to the parking lot right after, and I'm still not sure about the guy that was supposed to come pick them up, if he was the "Moroccan", the "one who made their hair" or who else!
So much fun guys, so much fun! After we let them off, me and the other girl were laughing so hard! Guess they really are outlaws of love, and I am too, but in a totally different sense I'd say! Outlaws of love, outlaws of life!

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