19 Nov 2015

Always - Junip

Always - Junip
Hello my followers, here I am somehow back on my feet! Have been sick in the last couple of days, been off work and came back home, as I took a few days off starting tomorrow...! I hate this time of year and I hate feeling bad and sick as I did yesterday, today I'm a bit better thanks goodness, even if I still got a bad cough, maybe a little temperature and all the ending symptoms of the flu (hopefully). I gotta be back on my feet by Monday, as I have an important even to attend, but I will let you know more about that soon! For now let's enjoy some great music, once again by one of my best discoveries of the awesome year in music this 2015 has been!!
PS: Genius video, don't miss out (and please explain me your interpretation of it)!

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