8 Nov 2015

#sundayrevival E-bow the letter - R.E.M. (feat. Patti Smith)

E-bow the letter - R.E.M.
(feat. Patti Smith)
I promised a special post today to celebrate the 700th entry on the blog, and here it is! A sundayrevival that is not a real sundayrevival (as I got to listen to this song for the first time a little over 2 years ago), but it feels like one, as soon after I approached R.E.M.'s 'E-bow the letter' album, I've been feeling like I've known this song forever. As if it was an inheritance from my childhood, even if I don't remember ever listening to it before. I wanted to post it a couple of days ago, as I went on to listen to some of my personal 2013 best after a pure XX moment, but then I decided to post 'Intro' and kept this other gem for today! I don't need to introduce R.E.M. nor Patti Smith to any of you, I just note that I remember reading something about how Michael Stipe was excited about this song, as it's the first collaboration his band made with Patti, who he mentioned as the reason he started making music. I guess that's enough introduction, just get to the music asap!

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