15 Nov 2015

#sundayrevival Come home - Lene Marlin

Come home - Lene Marlin
Lazy and eventless Sunday for me here: boring F1 race, usual lunch at grandma's with family, really... nothing particularly meaningful to note for today on my part. Nothing particularly bad, nothing particularly good. Seems like my life is on hold, waiting for me to come back home and reset everything. I'm already bored even before getting back here, so I guess I'm gonna need to find something to do in the meanwhile! This nonsense... I kind of find it in the lyrics of this song. Nonsense that hold a meaning somehow. A willingness to listen to this album just struck me, and I believe it did because I needed to post this song. Winter is coming, and so are sad and depressing times. Please, let xmas be here soon!

"Just give me directions I go anywhere
I need to find something I can not find here
Give me a chance I prove that you are wrong
I manage to find I can be strong
And maybe I wanna come home"

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