12 Nov 2015

Every night - Imagine Dragons

Every night - Imagine Dragons
My days at work, after a couple days of excitement following my decision, have come back to what they used to be before: pure bordeom. The difference is that right now I stopped caring about it at all, I know I'm gonna go and that's it. I'm still happy when somebody asks me something or gives me something to do, or if anyway I can be helpful to the team, but for the rest of the time (which I think accounts for 6-7 hours per working day on average, so you can get an idea) I just mind my own business. I didn't get to the point of watching TV series in the office, but I think you got the idea. I'm still surprised about how people seem to deem my work and my contribution valuable and want to keep me here as long as they can, while I just want to go and mind at my own business at home (ok, without getting paid for it, but still...). When you're 25 years old and you just started working, you can't find yourself in such a situation I think. Adding to it all the hardships and the fact that even when I do get something to do, the job is not exciting nor appealing to me. Well, my mind is made up... I am going to buy (second-hand) tickets for ID's concert in Milan!

"My mind is made up, nothing could change that
I'm coming home to you every night, every night, every night"

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