12 Nov 2015

Lost? - Coldplay

"Just because I'm losing doesn't mean I'm lost...
Doesn't mean I didn't get what I deserved 
No better and no worse..."

Lost? - Coldplay
So, I wanted to make a double post tonite, but I don't have the strength to write something decent and post it and share, so I'm just gonna take this note and complete the post tomorrow. Just know that I tried, and I started this with the best intentions! But I love this song and I had a moment with it today, so I prefer to devote a little bit more time to it and share it well tomorrow. And in the meantime I've already kind of written the post, so to hell with that, I'm just gonna post it now.
I've been listening to a playlist I compiled thinking about an "aperitivo on a terrace facing the sea" kind of context, with relaxing and chilling songs, which most often end up being songs I feel the most and that communicate very strongly to me. So I got this one playing in my car while driving back from work tonite and being at a point of my life when I decided to turn the page, the lyrics I quoted up here kind of really spoke to me! And I've always been in love with this song, with how you can pick one version for charging-up moments and the other one for calm and reflexive moments (Lost! vs Lost?), and they both work awesomely.
Well now, after a bad, disturbed and not so long sleep two nights ago and a very much enjoyed but short 5-sleep last night, I reaaally need to see a bed. Be well, y'all!

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