30 Nov 2015

Don't let it pass - Junip

Don't let it pass - Junip
I know yesterday I (almost) promised you would get something special today and this week, but I had a pressing urgency to share this song, which has just made my day, so I will keep my special idea for next week, when I'll be home and more able to write down great posts for you (hopefully).
I'm sorry, but the beauty of this song astounded me tonite... I can't stop listening to it, I got it on my mind two songs before it would play on my current playlist and when it finally started, I felt the need to dance at it with somebody, to the point that I took the Olaf (Frozen's snowman) plush that is travelling with me this last time and started dancing with him. This right after I bought two small packs of frozen vegetables "perfect for one person"! I guess that's it, I am embracing my life alone. It has hardly ever felt so good. As in the Walter Mitty movie, which is the one that got me close to Junip's music and which is featuring this song in one of the last scenes, a beautiful one where it's all about enjoying the moment...

"Nothing is compromised, nothing is lost. 
When everything's realised, nothing is crossed.

But don't let it pass..."

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