1 Nov 2015

Howl - Florence + the Machine

Howl - Florence + the Machine
Hey there, welcome back bad ol' habit of posting my post of the day after midnight! It's not like I'm getting back to my former lifestyle (in terms of sleeping time), not anytime soon at least. Even though I would like... well, love to! I feels so much better staying up until late at night and waking up late, I am so much more productive during the day, and feel better overall. Creature of the night. It's peculiar how, being such a creature of the night, I've never felt particularly attached to Halloween.... well, during my university years it was always exams time, this year I've spent it at home alone watching Arrow and The Flash (not a bad night at all)! We'll see if next year I'll be in a place and with people that will inspire me more in this sense. For now, I'll just be good joining Florence in wishing you all a great 'Howloween'!! Beware the howling creatures of the night!

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