23 Nov 2015

Roots - Imagine Dragons

Roots - Imagine Dragons
Here we are!!! The big day has come, once again! Maybe I don't get as excited about concerts as I used to get, but still... it's been a while! And first times are always exciting, especially when you go listen to bands that you utterly loved in the last couple of years!
I'm also excited because we're re-creating the concert team of my first concert in Milan, that is Cranberries in early 2010 with my friends C. and E! Seems like a kind of circle is closing... I used the be the excited boy who just started university and was leaving his "big city" life alone and independently for the first time, but who hadn't bloomed yet and now I am practically a man (it sounds weird, yeah) who graduated, has been abroad alone multiple times, has already had his first job, his first resignation... practically a full grown-up! And that fact is, I still get so excited every time I come back to Milan... maybe because it's like I'm going back to my roots every time! Happy concert to us and to all of you who are watching or have watched Imagine Dragons live lately!!

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