29 Nov 2015

#sundayrevival Between two lungs - Florence + the Machine

Between two lungs -
Florence + the Machine
Ok, just now I found a great inspiration for today's post and also for something special I will do next week (or maybe the week after, I still have to think about it... stay tuned tomorrow and probably you'll find something special)! One of my (Thai) friends on Fb just posted a live version of this song, when Flo sang at the Oxygen festival in 2010 and it's just amazing. It made me remember the first F+tM concert I've been to: I was at the end of my study abroad semester in Montréal and given that I finished my exams early, I decided to embark on a fantastic journey through the US. First I went to Boston by bus to visit a classmate who was studying there, then I flew to Chicago and finally I got to Milwaukee by train, as this was the closest place to Montréal that Florence and the band were playing while I was there. It's been amazing, an amazing journey on my own, a journey that showed me once again and ultimately that I could travel around on the other side of the world and stand on my own two feet. And also enjoy it awesomely while I did that. I will never forget that night, and even if concerts are best experienced with friends, I vividly remember how this song was the only one they played that gave me shivers, and the only one of the setlist (together with 'Never let me go') that they didn't play in Milan a few months later when I went to see the concert with a big bunch of friends. Something that will happen again in a veeery short time, and I can't wait!
I'm sharing with you a demo / early version of this song, which is the first one I listened to and which I like a lot more than the one that ended up on the album. I hope you guys enjoyed this memory of mine, I wish you all a great new week, it will be special for me because it's gonna be my last week of work here in Veneto, and then I'll be officially unemployed (for now)! Don't forget to stay tuned! Cheers!

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