24 Aug 2014

Reading time with pickle - Regina Spektor

After a very satisfying and a bit tiring day I am finally able to sit down and write a few lines for my blog! First of all, just for a change, the music: the song I have picked for today's post is one of the group I mentioned yesterday, more specifically the one by the artist I already knew, another album of whom I just started listening (yes, that's Regina Spektor). The "new" album is Begin to hope, while this tune is featured on her sophomore album Songs. I think I just fully realised the brilliance of the lyrics of this song, with Regina making eye contact with a solitary pickle in the supermarket and bringing it home while thinking about love and forgotten questions. Second of all, my nice day: I didn't touch my thesis BUT I did clean the shelves in my room, taking my "animals" and gadgets out on the balcony to get some air and getting rid of all the dust they caught lately, I got into the SPA-weekend atmosphere (it's my fav F1 GP so it's always a pretty special time of year for me, can't wait for the race tomorrow!), I had a great christmas dinner with my besties (yes, christmas. The weather almost looks like December, so why not?), american style with hamburgers, fries and chips (and a touch of Italia with home-made gelato). What more?

PS: Credits to mimi-merlot for the great, great pic! Genius! (http://mimi-merlot.deviantart.com/)

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