14 Aug 2014

Down from the rafters (live on KEXP) - Hundred Waters

Down by the rafters (live on KEXP) - Hundred Waters
Tomorrow (actually today) I'm leaving for the mountains to spend Ferragosto (15th of August, it is a holiday in Italy, actually the one I hate the most as cities get empty, everything is closed and going away is super expensive and all the vacation-places are awfully crowded) with my grandparents. I'm not gonna have any Internet there (even though I might be able to use an Internet key, we'll see) and I didn't prepare any posts in advance, so we'll see if I'm gonna (a bit forcefully) take the first voluntary gap in the life of the blog (it's mid-August anyway, I think you all have better things to do than waste time reading my posts) or if I'm gonna be able to keep posting!

For now let's enjoy the present! I've been willing to post Hundred Waters since I discovered them by chance thanks to KEXP a few days ago. This is one of my two current favourite songs of them, really love it! Hope you'll enjoy!

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