26 Aug 2014

My moon my man - Feist

My moon my man - Feist
Ok, I just decided to call it a... what? Day? Night? Anyway, to call it what I want and stop working on my thesis for today (today as the day finishing when I go to sleep). This decision has been quite abrupt, taken in the middle of reading an chapter of a very interesting new article I just found (together with another couple of promising readings I will approach, hopefully, tomorrow!) because something funny happened on Google Translate: I was trying to find an expression for an Italian idiomatic form and, well, because of a typo the translation I got was "geese in words" instead of "in a nutshell". I think I deserve to get my eyes off my beloved thesis after that!! But it's not bed-time yet, I have to blog-post (and also choose a new book to start, as I just realised I finished the one I was reading last night!). The song of today is yet again out of Feist's 2007 The Reminder, another one of the loves at first (or second) listen of the album. Probably my current fav on my latest playlist, so you must enjoy that! Hoping to be my own good man for tonight's moon, I'll talk to you soon! Have a nice day/night/whatyouwant!

PS: Great video btw, think I'm gonna try and do the same next time I'm at the airport!!

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