28 Aug 2014

Shame - PJ Harvey

Shame - PJ Harvey
Sorry for skipping the post of yesterday, but it's been a super full day: a nice birthday at night, travelling back to Milan, the afternoon in the countryside with the (possibly) last bath of the season, my mom being called to be a school director... super eventful day, this August 27! And that's not all, I have to add that it was probably the best day of the whole season under a meteorological point of view, a nice warm sun the likes of which we have not seen often this summer! But it was not all so rosy, I also had to experience a couple of moments of unpleasantness, like when we got flurries of manure in the countryside and when I found out the lights went out in Milan and all the stuff (fish and veggies) in the freezer were rotten... not a pleasant job to clean it up, trust me! Back to music, I have been listening to PJ in these last few hours so it makes sense for me to post a song of hers! In particular I've been listening to her 2004 album Uh huh her and this is one the best tracks on it! Here you are!

Shame is the shadow of love

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