6 Aug 2014

Wasting my young years - London Grammar

Wasting my young years -
London Grammar
It's quite weird that the days when I forget to post are the ones I spend without leaving my home... anyway, aside from being a bad blogger, I already should have posted this two days ago (the sliding away of it is due to my not posting twice the day before yesterday), I set to post this yesterday but of course I forgot, so here it is now! This is another post generated by Lollapalooza 2014 live streaming: yes, I have watched London Grammar too and, well, I enjoyed it a lot! Did I have any doubts about it? Not really...! The funny thing is that this song was already in my drafts since probably two weeks ago, as it came to my mind during my day of wild inspiration. Realising I hadn't posted it yet, I immediately put it in queue. It kept on coming to my mind after that and, even if it was not the one I most enjoyed on Lolla, I did really like it (and I have already posted Sights, go watch the live performance of it anyway, it's awesooome).

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