3 Aug 2014

#sundayrevival I'll take the rain - R.E.M.

I'll take the rain - R.E.M.
I feel that I have been neglecting my sundayrevival concept in the last few weeks: between forgotten posts and lack of time to sit down and write something real, not taking into account all the amazing new stuff I am listening to, I didn't do justice to my sunday posts.
The choice of a post for a weird day (full rain to clouds to the sun out now and who knows what's gonna happen!) of this fake, rainy and autumny summer had to be something rain-related! And, well... this works perfectly. My relationship with R.E.M's 2001 album Reveal has been one of the hard and complicated kind (but with a happy end): I have been listening to it before I should have according to the chronological order I have used to approach their discography because my favourite song of theirs (Imitation of life) is on it and at first I found the album a very hard one to digest. Then things (slowly) evolved, song by song I started growing a liking and then fell in love, up to the point of it surely entering the top 5 of R.E.M. albums in my personal ranking! And I'll take the rain is no exception: it is one of the first songs I started liking for what I remember and, well... that's it! and what better song for this frigging weather? I can't do but take the (whole lot of) rain that's pouring down from the sky. Literally. Not to say that I'm not taking the rain that's always dropping down on my head figuratively... what else can I do?
As a magnet my parents gave me as a present says:

"Don't wait for the rain to stop, learn to dance in the rain"

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