2 Aug 2014

Ultraviolence - Lana del Rey

Guess who is the singer featured in today's post? Wow, you're amazing! Not only that... it's also me being 'a bit' redundant. But, come on... it's a brand new video, it's the title track of what is probably gonna be my favourite album of the year, it's right on cue! The negative side is that I'm running out of Ultraviolence songs, the positive one is that it means I kinda posted almost all of them, at least all of the good ones! Back to the title track: it has been one of the first songs to find its way into me, together with the opening track and its predecessor on the album (Cruel world), which I have posted more than one month ago. Circumstances and loads of other (Lana and not Lana) songs I started to love in the meanwhile have brought me to not posting it until now, which (as I believe) has been a nice touch of destiny, as the official 'Ultra video' has been released yesterday. So, what better moment?

Ultraviolence - Lana del Rey

I love you the first time
I love you the last time
Yo soy la princesa
Comprende mis white lines?

Cause I'm your jazz singer
And you're my cult leader
I love you forever
I love you forever...

PS: I love the quite quote to 'Fucked my way up to the top' in the last refrain ("Lay me down tonight in my linen and curls, Lay me down tonight Riviera girls"), I think I subconsciously noticed it already but I took full conscience of it just now!

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