23 Aug 2014

We float (live) - Tori Amos

We float (PJ Harvey cover) - Tori Amos
My goodness, so many things to post today! I woke up with a song in mind, than I listened to another one by the same singer that made sense too, then I found out about this one I'm posting and in the late afternoon I gave the first listen to an album by a singer I already knew and I went back to listen to a song of hers I knew already and wanted to post that one too! Anyway, hopefully the other girls are gonna find room in the next few days, but now I have to post the song that made my day!
First of all, happy birthday to Tori Amos, who turned 51 today (22 August, which is still in the US). Second of all, congrats to PJ Harvey for being awarded a honorary degree by Goldsmiths University, the ceremony will take place on the next 10th of September. And congrats to both for contributing to this awesomeness that took place during Tori's Lizard Lounge (her "cover set within the setlist" of this tour) in Durham!

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