2 Feb 2014

#sundayrevival Be with you - Natalie Imbruglia

Today I have been taking a trip to Exmouth to be on the sea at least a little while. It's been totally worth it, notwithstanding the wind it wasn't too cold, the sun was actually warm and the weather was fine! While walking on the sea front, I also had the chance to listen to some good music and I got inspired for some tunes to put up here, yet none of them fit for the sundayrevival theme. I'll just keep them warm for the next few days!
One of the albums I've been listening to is Natalie Imbruglia's last one, Come to life, which dates back to 2009 (hey Natalie, isn't it time to record some more music?). The first single out of that album was Want, a song I like but I've never been in love with. The third verse of it is actually a quote from a Natalie's older song, the one I'm featuring here now, that was on her Greatest hits Glorious. Enjoy!

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