14 Feb 2014

Supernatural superserious - R.E.M.

Woah, another working week has gone by! It's been really tough until the last moment, up to the point that the (British) driver of the (British) bus complimented with us (foreigners) for being able to stand at the (British) bus stop and not being carried away by the (British) worst wind I've ever experienced in my whole life, obviously together with a bit of (British) rain, 'cause we don't want to lack for anything. Goddamn! Goddamn Britain and its weather!
We will survive.
Back to us, the song of today is something powerful and cheerful and has in itself all the best and happy and positive things I can think about. As I really need it.
Let's hope for better. Never let go of hope.
Happy friday to y'all!

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