11 Feb 2014

Filthy/Gorgeous - Scissor Sisters

Hi there! Hope you are well, I am kind of tired after this beginning of working week, but the weekend is getting closer and closer! I actually thought about posting this song yesterday, as it would've made much more sense, but in the end I got busy and decided to postpone it a few hours, so as to be able to write a decent comment to it (which is not gonna happen, I know). Anyway, yesterday they played this song while I was getting out of the office and I must confess it cheered me up quite a bit! I mean, how can you not be amused by this one? Ok, I know... it's not a thing for all tastes, so BEWARE! Just watch the video only if you are open-minded enough (and wanna have some fun). I can only say this is probably the most Scissor Sisters-style video of them all!

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