22 Feb 2014

Just dance - Lady Gaga

Note: I wrote this post at 1 o'clock last night, almost 24h ago and I only got Internet working now, I trust it will still be "fresh" enough!

Just dance - Lady Gaga
Well guys, Internet is failing me now, so I suppose this post won't see light until morning, but now it's
past 1 at night. I felt the urge to write it now as it does make sense, I waited long enough already.
If you were walking in Exeter a few hours ago and you have seen a crazy guy shaking and moving weirdly, like if he was suffering of some kind of mental illness, well… it was me! You might have noticed me in Milan too. I know, it will probably look very bad and weird from the outside, but from time to time I can't help myself while walking in the streets listening to music, if the vibe is good I need to shake it! This time felt somehow different (it's the first time I'm doing it here) and liberating (it was the first I've done it here indeed)! Well, that's just it. In the end, who cares about what people who walk near you think about it? Just enjoy your life and express yourself! (And maybe make sure that no one you know is around, you might want to put a little break on your creativity)…!

All of this makes sense in my head but not in yours if I don't explain myself… The beat I was dancing to tonight was Just Dance (ironic, don't you think?), picked by the shuffle mode of my iPod. Well, what can I say? Good timing!

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