9 Feb 2014

#sundayrevival Welcome to England - Tori Amos

This sundayrevival's post has a strong correlation between past and present: it is one of the first songs of Tori I have listened to and fallen for when I started discovering her music in 2009. Moreover, after moving to England recently (I'm in Exeter, which I believe is not very far from Tori's Cornwall house), I think I can understand and share Tori saying "You gotta bring your own sun". Ok, the first days were actually better than I thought, but the last week / 10 days have been pretty much awful in terms of weather and I'm starting to suffer a bit from it. Luckily enough, I couldn't really bring my own sun as in Italy the weather was as bad as here, so it's been relatively less worse. Anyway, I think I might as well deserve my own Welcome to England.

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